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Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for speed rivals, offering action street fighting for the players. Players lightning District Street in the subjects through a fictitious city Redviev speed addicts or enforcers- rights are given the opportunity to change the direction of betveenboth law, climbing the career ladder and razblakavatsnovyyacars and toys technology.

Shares of the race on two screens

Need For Speed ​​Rivals in dvavrsta only competitors: the hunter and the prey. On both sides of the law, the player can break avesomecareer.

Plaiers race motor racing inekotic, competingagainst other illegal street racing, spabornitstvysuprats police patrolshours or escapingpersistent. Every time I play call other driver racein open game world. This also applies to other human players in public or private sessions trkemeđu friends. The need for methods of online and offline Fast Flow rivals «smoothly into one.

Competitors llavngogviddo’r!

gameawards in the Need For Speed ​​Rivals Speed ​​Formed Points (SP). The longer you keep up iourvinning line, the more multiplier and rack up points. If you do not get iourpoints tosafeti time, you may lose forever.

Hadizgubite gonkivy will go home empty-handed. The same thing happens,if you allow yourself will fall to the cops or the vehicle destroyed. If you lose against a human player, the winner gets points. chvaraevirFelli should be carefully considered, even if you want to Gath of the race factor high risks, or if we prefer the bank’s point.

newCars can unlock increase trkačkroz series with a score of races won. the vehicle must be acquired by the speed points. This should be the same point, in order to improve engine usedto establish sweets or visual accents — likestripes race color or label.


Cops do not chase runners in Need For Speed ​​Rivals, of course, is harmless. They also have pristupPatrola fleet. Unlike runners, the purchase of new cars, to make it. They are available as soon as the necessary line performs. Nonetheless, these cars can not be adjusted.

hutkastsmyantypoints for successful startup. Otherwise, he must race against time to reach the goal — and it should not affect the alignment of the road or other vehicles to ram eraill.Fel, there is a time penalty.

lovcii hunted relying on technology

In order to effectively combatwith street thugs Police has pinstrips, interference, roadblocks and helicopters. Weight response of competitors ofassault weapons, or can loosen and allow the police to dust theturbo There are limits on both sides .. Should buinev tech toys for each vehicle and can not fitmore than two at once Need For Speed ​​Rivalsbolsh that the equipment will become stronger and arsenalproširuje to other devices.

the second screen

With the free app, you can stick to Need For Speed ​​Rivals Mapon iPhone, IPod or IPad, a set of points, vatchfriends and challenge them to a race. Or you canstart with the problems Onthe menshprykladannya mini-games. Despite all these good points, however, the second screen is lost points due to the apparent delays in loading.

volanArkada style well

From the point of view of management, Need For Speed ​​Rivals will be only minor changes compared to the AlmightyVanted and persecution. Arcade Racer puts more accentual entertainment than on the simulation of reality. The piercing screeching tires such drift around a sharp turn from the parking brake to gain momentum in the page.

If necessary, you can canmanage Generalnosa keyboard, but you mustreassign the default shortcuts. getaznachna better to play Need For Speed ​​Rivals with a gamepad, however, it reflects the movement of administrative thefine many moresmoothli.

Artificial direction of the driver, at least at the first stage of the game to make and will allow players to catch up (even after severalaccidents). On the contrary, experienced virtual driver can not hutkazlovleny.

grafikalepa and live music, or disadvantageous multiplayer

Visually, Need For Speed ​​Rivals, of course, is not removed. Cars are ofglossi with sithllifrinnau — while participating in the clashes. Model shows a remarkabledamage injury. Permanently destroy the vehicle, however, it requires nekatoryhnamaganni.

He also presented sceneriis well. Redviev District you with a good mix of mountain areas, cities, forests and desert areas. Rain, ice and falling leaves, as well as changes between day and night,making for excellent visual range.

The need for «and gukefekty cadarnMae music rivals the speed of two fine lines. Professional voiced responsible for dialogue speaks well.

Less convincing, however, the performance of the server in the network. The delays result in the wild car jumps fromother players sometimes comes out of nowhere and leaned across the road.

conclusion: Pure Racing Action!

Need For Speed ​​Rivals well as in the previous version (Hot Pursuit and Most Vanted 2). Some say that dinabit sad — but in fact that isn’tlike. Opponents of the squeeze play down totheirveriU essentially excitingRacing Action, Arcade reason purpose of processing by impeccable graphics funk music.

The annex to this wonderful online system that blurs the distinction between the Need For Speed ​​Rivals offline and online content. In contrast, the delay in the case of multiplayer games darken the image verygood players and the desire to feed a more powerful server.

Personally, I like challenges between IzhoshemSyabry and inBurnout Paradise — it would be a perfect match.

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